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House of Prelature

The House of Prelature consists of The International Presiding Prelate and the entire Council of Bishops for D-MIF. These anointed Prelates are united to further the work of the Kingdom of God by developing and leading the men and women of God. Leading other anointed leaders with diverse spiritual gifts and divine calling is an humbling task. Nonetheless, the scripture teaches us to let all things be done decent and in order. Any organization must allow the role of leadership and submission. The International Presiding Prelate and the First and Second Presiding Prelate strive to lead with compassion and love just as Christ did, but also with a sense of discipline and order conducive to the mandate of God and the overall mission of the Reformation.

Each Prelate is uniquely gifted and anointed in various areas of ministry and empowered by education and life experiences to substantially impact and help improve the life of all God allows us to make contact with. Our goal is to build the Kingdom of God by building God’s people.

Bishop Ron Alexander
 Int'l Presiding Prelate
Bishop Vincent Tharpe, Sr.
1st Assistant
Presiding Prelate
Bishop Larry Jackson
2nd Assistant
Presiding Prelate
Bishop Chris Pipkin, Sr.
Bishop of Pastors
& Clergy Development
Bishop Tyras Simmons
Bishop of Int'l Affairs
Bishop Derwin Dickerson
Bishop of 
Leadership Development
Overseer Earl Lacy
Exec Overseer of Protocol

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