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Fellowship Covenant

We seek to glorify the Lord through a lifestyle of personal obedience and communion with Him: and to have anointed worship services and fellowship with one another that focuses on God's greatness and our thanksgiving to Him.

We will proceed as a biblical community of believers, serving and building up one another in Christ-like relationships. Love, acceptance and forgiveness are three central themes we shall continually seek to practice in developing believers to be genuine and mature followers of Christ.

We believe that every believer is called to serve the Lord and has unique and special gifts which are to be developed and released in service to the body of Christ. We pledge to help one aother discover and utilize those gifts and calling. We will strive to be effective in fulfilling the call of God in our lives.

We believe that eternity is forever and that judgment follows death. Therefore, we are compelled by God to be His witnesses to a lost world. We pledge to have all of our members equipped and mobilized to be effective in their "world", i.e.: to their families, friends, workplaces, and in their communities. While friendship evangelism is the focus if our personal thrust, we also believe that the Fellowship has a responsibility for world missions. Thus we are encouraged and anticipate serving in various mission fields.

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