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Fellowship "S-T-Y-L-E"

D-MIF is committed to 'decency and order' in Ministry. Our hope is that every activity will be fulfilling and encouraging. Our goal in Worship is centered in setting an atmosphere that allows the presence of God to reign supreme. At any D-MIF function you can expect to see and experience the D-MIF S-T-Y-L-E. You can expect to see and experience:

The goal is to approach each day with an attitude of service. We endeavor to serve much more than be served.


The goal is to make sure that unity and oneness is seen throughout. D-MIF is committed to fellowship and operating with one accord so that the presence of the Holy Ghost can indeed reign supreme.

The goal is to let God reign supreme and make sure that He is seen high and lifted up. It's not about us, it is about Him. We endeavor to let God have His way by recognizing God as the God He really is. This comes through personal faith and experience with the Almighty. When we let God reign supreme, the atmosphere is set for His awesome deliverance power.

The goal is to let the love of God be seen through our love for one another. The interaction between the churches and leaders of this Fellowship is the paradigm of what genuine love and fellowship is all about. It is without jealousy and motive, it is indeed the real thing. We endeavor to show that we are brothers and sisters in Christ and that the love of God is extended to others through us. 


The goal is to set the atmosphere so that the power of the Holy Ghost can heal, deliver and set free. You can expect to see the power of God manifested in our worship experiences as we usher His people into His presence and usher His presence among His people. People are saved and lives are changed when the power of the Lord is evident.

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