Welcome to the online presence of Divine Ministries International Fellowship Incorporated, affectionately known as D-MIF. D-MIF is an assembly of church leaders and churches that value spiritual networking, unity, friendship, association, covering, spiritual accountability and genuine spiritual fellowship. It is our strong conviction that by coming together as a universal body of Christ, we can all benefit from one another and the many resources that are made available through true and genuine Christian "connection".

In 2016, we celebrated the D-MIF Decennial Year to commemorate a decade of dedicated service. Now, for almost 20 years (est. 2006), God has allowed us to serve with humility, passion and fervor.  We realize that this is no small feat and no small matter. This is a huge accomplishment and testament of our faithfulness, dedication, loyalty and obedience to God. We did not make it this far on our own and we know that The Lord has kept us and is continuing to keep us.

In 2018, we released an album entitled "Fresh Wind". You will surely be blessed and inspired by this inspirational project. It is available in most digital stores online and available to download in most of the popular smartphone music apps. The actual CD is also available to order here.

In D-MIF, one of our main goals is to ensure that pastors and church leaders have a unique association with others who want to share in the work of the kingdom while covering one another with prayer, passion and welcomed spiritual advice. D-MIF exists to provide an assembly of support through essential fellowship with others who have experienced some of the same struggles. We believe that as we share our stories of perseverance and testimonies of victory, we can all be encouraged through our fellowship as we come together to establish meaningful and lasting friendships both locally and abroad.

D-MIF serves the kingdom of God as an Episcopal Reformation with Ecclesiastical Order and Revolutionary Unity. Our experienced and knowledgeable Executive Council seek to serve as mediators and hope to be a beacon of support and help in vast areas of ministry when called upon. We never seek to have any forced oversight in any regard. We welcome and encourage anyone in ministry to connect and fellowship with us as we work together to build the kingdom of God. God is bringing more and more Kingdom assignments our way and as He enhances our purpose, He continues to anoint us for the work.  We believe that God has established D-MIF to serve as a purpose driven source for divine missions, revolutionary change, and as always, true and genuine fellowship. 

Please take the time needed to browse this site and learn more about D-MIF. If you should have any questions, feel free to contact us. 

"It's all About the kingdom, it's all about the love of Jesus and it's indeed all about the Fellowship!"