Fellowship History

Divine Ministries International Fellowship was founded in 2006 by Bishop Ron Alexander, Bishop Michael Robinson, Pastor Derwin Dickerson and Bishop Michael Tate. Elder's Ron Alexander, Derwin Dickerson, Michael Robinson along with Minister Antonio Matthews and Minister Travis Starks all served under the leadership of the late pastor Sylvester Pigues, the late pastor of New Independent Baptist Church. In conversation, they formed a committed bond and vowed that they would remain faithful in ministry and always "stick" together and maintain relationship and fellowship no matter where their ministries took them. Minister Antonio Matthews joined the Military and eventually settled down in New Orleans where he connected and served faithfully under the leadership of Bishop Paul S. Morton.

In 2000, Bishop Ronald Alexander was the first out of the group to pastor. Sadly, in 2001, Minister Travis Starks passed away. Shockingly, in 2002, Pastor Pigues passed away. After the passing of Pastor Pigues, Bishop Michael Robinson took over as pastor of New Independent Baptist Church (now God Ministries Christian Church). Pastor Dickerson diligently and faithfully served under the leadership of Bishop Robinson until he was assigned to the pastor New Faith Ministries in Sardis, MS.

In January 2006, Elder Alexander went into prayer to gain insight and information on how to proceed in the effort to form unity and spiritual fellowship among the brotherhood. The love that the late Pastor Pigues had shown to them and his diligence in preparing "young preachers" would serve as the motivation and direction of the vision of F-E-L-L-O-W-S-H-I-P. Elder Alexander wrote out the vision of the Fellowship as given and directed by God. After writing the vision, Elder Alexander met with Elder's Dickerson and Robinson, along with his son and daughter in ministry, Elder Michael Tate and Minister Melissa Tate, and informed them of the vision. The name was established and in September of 2006, Divine Ministries Independent Fellowship was organized.

The History of Episcopal Order starts with the consecration of Bishop Ron Alexander to the office of Bishop in November of 2006. On September 22, 2007, Bishop Ron Alexander, Pastor Michael Robinson and Elder Michael Tate were elevated and duly consecrated to the Office of Bishop with Apostolic Succession and Installed in their respective positions within the Reformation. Minister Melissa Tate was duly ordained as an Elder on this same day.

In April 2008, an Episcopal polity was immediately adopted. The Apostolic Apology was soon introduced after Bishop Alexander attended the Joint College of African American Bishop’s Congress in March 2008. Upon his return, a greater understanding of Episcopacy had been gained and with the help of Bishop Micheal Tate, a discipline of Episcopal order was well established and thus expanded the identity of the Fellowship to an Episcopal Reformation with a standard to Defend the Faith, Love and Shepherd the Saints and Educate the Body of Christ in the doctrine of biblical unity and oneness. The following developments make us the growing history of D-MIF:


  • Consecrated Bishop Jerald Bailey, Bishop Stevie Burks and Bishop Bobby Nesbit. 

  • Changed name of Reformation from Divine Ministries Independent Fellowship to Divine Ministries International Fellowship, Incorporated in accordance to the mandate to take the Fellowship into all the world.

  • D-MIF held it's first semester of classes for the newly organized D-MIF School of Ministry.


  • Reaffirmed Bishop Harold Hunter.

  • Consecrated Bishop Antonio Matthews.

  • Bestowed great honor and recognition upon the living wife of the late Pastor Sylvester Pigues by making Mother Mae Pearl Pigues the distinguished Matriarch of the Reformation.


  • Consecrated Bishop Larry Jackson, Bishop Chris Pipkin, Sr. and Bishop Vincent Tharpe, Sr.


  • Consecrated Bishop Norman Timmerman and Bishop Terry L. Murden.

  • Transferred Apostolic Succession to Bishop Larry Jackson, Bishop Chris Pipkin, Sr. and Bishop Vincent Tharpe, Sr. 


  • Consecrated Bishop Corey Johnson and Bishop Gerald Mitchell.

  • Transferred Apostolic Succession to Bishop Norman Timmerman.


  • Consecrated Bishop James Brodnax.


  • Transferred Apostolic Succession to Bishop James Brodnax.


  • Consecrated Bishop Marvin Luckett, Jr.

2016: Decennial Year

  • We celebrated our Decennial Year honoring 10 years of service. We were blessed with the privilege of having Bishop Darryl D. Woodson to celebrate this momentous occasion with us.

  • We did our first Live Recording under the direction of Director Vincent Tharpe, Jr.

  • We consecrated Bishop Curtis Curry, Jr., Bishop Derwin Dickerson, and Bishop Tyras Simmons.


  • Transferred Apostolic Succession to Bishop Derwin Dickerson and Bishop Tyras Simmons


  • By Executive Order, named Overseer Earl Lacy as Overseer of Protocol for the Reformation.

  • Ordained Pastor Sherry Kennedy as Overseer of First Assistant


  • Held 1st Graduation Ceremony for 9 graduates of D-MIF School of Ministry


  • D-MIF Ceased all activities in response to Global Pandemic.


  • Relaunched 

Our history continues as we have an established Episcopal Council and a firm foundation of biblical principles to propel us onward. Presently, D-MIF willfully serves as a spiritual order of unity in the sense that we provide a family like atmosphere of association. We have found our common ground and settle on a foundation of unity, love and fellowship. To God be the Glory!

'It's All About Fellowship'